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Waveworx Technologies

Waveworx is a product development company that focuses its business towards  providing telecom based technology solutions to the Agriculture domain.

 The solutions offered by Waveworx facilitate in live collection and optimizing of data resulting in accurate planning, increase in productivity, articulate management of resources, mapping of regional compilations, tracing & tracking of production materials and even outputs.

The company emphasis use of advanced applications developed on devices like PDAs, mobile phones, and pocket size computers, often combined with touch screen interfaces and implemented on a centralized service box.

Business Solutions

Waveworx exercises its expertise on technologies based on handheld devices and develops and promotes various services to industrial requirements on a customized progression.

The solutions of waveworx utilizes applications for the vastly popular mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Android, Blackberry and open source applications.



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